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خلق الجان و قصة الشيطان

the story of Satan

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Almighty God said:
"He created man from sounding clay like unto pottery, and created the jinn from smokeless fire by what agents deny your Lord and he says has created man from sounding clay from mud molded into shape and elves created him by the venom of a fire"

Ibn al-Abbas and regions, and Mujahid, Hassan and is one of smokeless fire said by the flame in the story of an exclusive and well done, has been mentioned earlier by syphilis tab from Aisha said "The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him created the angels of light and created the jinn from smokeless fire and the creation of Adam, which you describe Narrated by Muslim, said many of the scholars of interpretation created the jinn before Adam, peace be upon him and was behind in the ground robin, coffee Vsult God jinn they killed them and Ojlohm them and exterminated them them and lived in them after them because of what had caused the said Saddi in its interpretation of Abu Malik from Abu Salih from Ibn Abbas and once from Ibn Masood and the people of the companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him when he had the God of the creation of what love is firmly established on the throne and started to Satan the king of the world and was of the tribe of the angels said to them, the jinn, but they called jinn because they are a reservoir of Paradise and the devil with his treasurer and he signed in the chest, but God gave me this to my advantage to the angels, and said Dahhaak from Ibn Abbas that the jinn as corrupted in the earth and shed blood, God sent them the devil and his hosts from the angels and Ojlohm killed them from the earth to the seas Algeria
Muhammad ibn Ishaq Khallad for tender for Tawoos from Ibn Abbas was the name of Satan before he commits the sin Azazel was the Earth's population and more angels, diligent and most note was from the neighborhood said to them, the jinn and Ibn Abi Hatim Saeed bin Jabir it was named Azazel was one of the noblest angels of the first four wings, "said Snead for Hajjaj Ibn Greg Ibn Abbas was the devil of the noblest angels and noblest tribe and was treasurer on the heavens and had a Sultan sky world and has had a Sultan land, Saleh said the freed slave of twinning from Ibn Abbas was decay between heaven and earth Narrated by Ibn Jarir said Qatada from Sa'eed ibn al-Musayyib Satan was an archangel, heaven on the night.

Al-Hasan al-Basri was not angels blink of an eye and that the origin of the jinn as Adam out of human beings, said the month of bin pastern and the other was the devil of the Jinn, who expelled them angels's family some of them and went to heaven was narrated by Ibn Jarir said when he wanted God created Adam to be in the land he and his descendants from after the images and body which make the devil who is president of the elves and most of them worship then was named Azazel Spectrum by when he saw a hollow knew that it was created not composes said the While brought you to Ohlknk While highlighted Ali Oasenk when that God breathed in Adam of his soul will come, and ordered the angels to prostrate to him income Satan him the envy of a great and refuses to prostrate to him and said I am better than me from fire and him from clay, the command to follow and objected to the Lord Almighty and erred in saying and away from the mercy of his Lord, and sent down from the rank which he had obtained his worship, and was similar to the Angels was not sex because it is creature of fire and are of light Fajanh reprinted in the greatest need was to him and returned to its original fire So the angels prostrated themselves except Iblis was arrogant, and was one of the disbelievers and the Almighty said We said to the angels: Prostrate yourselves to Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis was a jinn disobeyed the command of his Lord Ovttakdhunh and offspring of parents of Me while they are you an enemy of the evil doers instead.
Vohbt Satan of the Pleroma, and denied him a degree that the home sat down to earth dingy humiliated, degraded, banished threatening fire is it is taken from the jinn and mankind except that with this labored every effort to misguide the sons of Adam, by all means and all the Monitor also said Oroitk this to honor Ali While Okrtne to the Day of Resurrection I verily will seize his descendants, but a little saying, Go, it is of them follow thee, verily Hell will recompense and excite any of whom you can with your voice and bring them Boukelk and your husband and share with them wealth and children, and promise the devil only delusion that the slaves you have no authority over them, and enough is thy Lord, and the agent.
We will mention the story at length at the mention of the creation of Adam, peace be upon him, and meant that the elves were created from fire and are such as Bani Adam, eat, drink and reproduce, including believers, including unbelievers also told the meaning for them in Surat Al-Jinn In the verse Having spent you got to some of the jinn listen to the Quran when the National Dialogue Initiative UNDP They listened when he spent and deported to their people warning, they said: O our people! We have heard a Book revealed after Moses, confirming what came before it leads to the right and to the right path "O our people answer the need of God and believe in Him forgive you your sins and guard you from a painful punishment, and should not need God not Bmadz in the land and has no guardians besides Him, those in the manifest and the Almighty said Say revealed to me that he heard a group of jinn and they said we have heard a wonderful Quran guides to the majority Our mother will not involve our Lord one and that he may lose his job to greet her son and he had to say utter extravagant lies against Allah; I thought that will not say mankind and the jinn, a lie against Allah, and there were men among mankind who took shelter with the jinn and they increased them in wrongdoing and that they thought as you thought that Allah would not raise anyone I have seen sky Fujdnaha filled with stern guards and flaming and I were to sit on some seats to hear who listen now will find a flare monitoring and I do not know point I want those on earth, or wanted their Lord rational and I of us are righteous, but that we modalities Qdedda and I thought that we can not God in the earth, nor can we frustrate Him to escape and what I heard Huda We believe in it, it believes in his Lord shall fear neither shortage nor injustice and I am of us Muslims and our Illa balaghan mina Those who submit to deviated from the rational and Illa balaghan mina They were to hell, and if the wood upright on the way to the abundance of water Osagenahm Naftnhm when it presents the said Lord boarded the route of punishment.
We have mentioned the interpretation of this sura and the full story at the end of Surat Ahqaf and we have conversations related there and that these Alinver were gone Nisibis In some of the effects of Jin Basri, they have gone through the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him standing in prayer with his companions stomach Palm of the land of Mecca stood recited to read it then met by the Prophet peace be upon him the whole night they asked him about things ordered them out and tell them about it and asked him Zad said to them, each bone name of God be upon you will find them more economical to have the meat and all the droppings fodder for Dwabkm and forbade the Prophet peace be upon him to clean himself with them and said they had increased the brothers jinn and forbade urine in the squadron because it houses the jinn and they read the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him Al-Rahman, what make passes verse of what agents of your Lord deny, but they said not something Alaik Lord lie orbit of Praise has been praised them of the Prophet peace be upon him that what he recited this sura the people held their peace, he said the jinn were the best of you in response to what I read of your Lord knows what agents do not deny, but they said something of our Lord Alaik lie Astronomy Praise Narrated Jabir al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Jarir and al-Umar.

The scholars differed as to insurers jinn will they enter paradise or be a penalty Taiahm that does not punish with fire only on the two views true that they will enter Paradise All-Quran and the general meaning and those who feared standing before his Lord committees what agents of your Lord deny Vamtn meaning they do not for that they could attain said his promise to them blessings and this alone is sufficient independent evidence of the matter alone, and Allah knows best.
Al-Bukhaari narrated Qutaybah from Malik from Abd al-Rahman bin Abdullah bin Abd al-Rahman ibn Abi Sasap from his father that Abu Sa'eed said to him, I see you like sheep and the desert if you are in flocks and Baditk authorizing prayer lift up your voice call, it does not hear the voice of the muezzin Jin not Forget and nothing but saw him on the Day of Resurrection, "said Abu Said I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him occupied by al-Bukhaari, Muslim without.
The Ccaffro Gin Some demons and topped by the biggest devil enemy Adam Abu humans have power is the offspring of Adam and his descendants and to ensure that God Almighty infallibility who believed in him and the sincerity of His messengers, and follow the laws of them also said that Ebadi, you have no authority over them, and enough is thy Lord, the agent and the Almighty said, and has ratified them, Satan thinks follow him save a group of believers and had no authority over them except to know who believes in the Hereafter, who is in doubt and the Lord for everything Hafeez and the Almighty said, O children of Adam do not Evtnnkm of Satan, as directed Obojkm of paradise tends them to Bashma to Erihma Soathma he see you he and his tribe in terms of do not see them we have made the evil ones, for those who do not believe in, "said thy Lord said to the angels: I am creating a mortal out of clay of black mud altered," When I have breathed into him of My spirit, then fall down before him prostrate angels fell down prostrate, every one but the devil refused to be with those who worship said: "O Iblis, what you should not be with prostrate said I did not prostrate to a human being created from clay of black mud altered, said

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